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Seated on the first floor of China Square Central, Aglio Olio is the first restaurant in Singapore to localise pasta.Its foundation, naturally, lies in the health benefits of "Aglio" and "Olio", which means garlic and olives in Italian respectively. To keep things local, chilli padi is used in place of the usual chilli flakes.MUST TRIES: The trifecta of signature dishes here includes Seafood Olio, Pesto Pasta and Cream Tomato Pasta.You can, of course, customise each dish you order. Choose a pasta of your liking (spaghetti, linguine or fusilli), then pick one of the nine sauce base options (garlic and olive oil base, cream, tomato, pesto, teriyaki, black pepper, cream tomato, squid ink, and vongole soup) before opting for one of the four levels of spiciness offered.


Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

3 Pickering Street, #01-40/41 Cross Street Exchange

Asian, European, Fusion, Italian, Western

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