Al Amaan Restaurant

Al Amaan Restaurant






52%   (33 votes)
17 / 33

Located on Clementi Road, Ameen Makan House serves Asian cuisine.


12 Clementi Road

Asian, Indian, Indochinese, South Indian, Thai, Western

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Re: Just learnt about a ballooned15 year old CC debt!

It will eventually be sold off to a collection agency. They may try to contact you in the UK.

This .....

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Re: Driving into Malaysia

They run the risk until first caught. After then they cannot risk it as they will be inspected every time. I .....

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Re: PR Approved 2023

Volunteering abuse I have no comments in that.

End of the day it's about getting to know the community and helping the fellow people near you.

Apart from volunteering , neighbour hood events is another way to integrate.

Yes it's not .....

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