Chuan Garden Restaurant 川苑酒家

Chuan Garden Restaurant

Chuan Garden Restaurant






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Chuan Garden Restaurant is offering take-away via the following options:
Phone: 6222 3451
THE BUZZ: Set along the vibrant and bustling Pagoda Street in Chinatown, Chuan Garden is an authentic Chinese restaurant that serves the best of Yunnan and Hunan cuisine.
Founded in 2008, this place has always been dedicated to providing customers, particularly those who miss their hometowns, with delicious traditional flavours.

MUST TRIES: Some of the signature dishes here include the Boiled Fish that will pleasantly warm you up on any rainy day, juicy self-made sausages and bacon that will delight all meat lovers, and stir-fried shredded potato.


Daily: 10:00 - 22:30

79 Pagoda Street

Asian, Chinese, Sichuan

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