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Gu Ma Jia Food Pot 姑妈家

Gu Ma Jia Food Pot

Gu Ma Jia Food Pot






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Gu Ma House”, the Chinese name for “Foodpot”, holds a special meaning for the Chan Family. Aside from having the idea that the food sold are private dishes that the Lady Boss “Gu Ma” cooks at home, “Gu Ma House” also became a second family gathering spot for the Chan Family.The term “Gu Ma” comes from the Chinese way of nephews or nieces calling their eldest aunt. Being the eldest sister among the Chan Family, the Lady Boss is thus often called “Gu Ma” by her numerous nephews and nieces. Years ago, the Lady Boss once had a food stall in a food court near her house, selling mainly her signature Chicken Rice for 10 years. Among the Chan Family, “Gu Ma” has always been recognized as the best cook. She loved to organize family gatherings every now and then where she would be able to cook for the family, basking in the happiness of being able to eat as a complete, united family.A few years back, she opened a restaurant in ShangHai, named “Shi Bo Le”. However, it was until last year that she decided that she would open a restaurant in Singapore, where she believed the Chan Family belonged. Hence, the Chan Family came together and opened a family restaurant named “Gu Ma House”. Ever since then, “Gu Ma House” became a place for families to gather, strengthening family bonds through the joy of eating. Therefore, “Gu Ma House” not only provides food that tastes like “home”, but also a strong symbol of the joy of a family.NO GST, NO SERVICE CHARGE !!

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