Chong Qing No. 1 Steamboat 重庆第一火锅

Chong Qing No. 1 Steamboat

Chong Qing No. 1 Steamboat

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Chong Qing No. 1 Steamboat is located in the heart of Chinatown food street and is fully air-conditioned. Our authentic Szechuan spicy steamboat with high quality service has attracted lots of customers. It is suitable for buffet parties or family dinners.

Our steamboat is not only hygienic, safe and healthy, it also possesses a strong Chong Qing flavour. We have specially trained chefs to ensure this authentic taste. The steamboat comes with more than 90 types of steamboat ingredients. These include fresh prawns, crabs, beef, mutton, fish, pork, pig kidney, beef tripe, ox stomach, shells etc. We have vegetables too, such as broccoli, shitake mushroom, lettuce and beancurd etc, ensuring a balanced diet for you.

In order to provide more varieties of food choice, we also offer handmade dumplings, wantons and appetizers such as braised beef, pig’s trotter, fried chicken wings, spicy bamboo shoots, shredded spicy seaweeds, spicy cucumber and Szechuan noodles etc. It is definitely value for money to have your buffet here.

We have awards and recommendations from LianHe ZaoBao, LianHe WanBao, Shin Min Daily News, The Straits Times and The New Paper.


Daily: 11:00 - 01:00

54 Smith Street

Asian, Chinese, Local, Sichuan, Singaporean

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