Seoul Garden Hotpot

Seoul Garden Hotpot

Seoul Garden Hotpot






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Seoul Garden Hotpot offers some of the best Korean cuisine in Singapore, serving a tantalising collection of dishes that are suitable for comforting solo meals or group gatherings. The menu features a variety of light bites, Japchae, Bibim Bap, Ginseng Chicken, Hotpot Kimchi, Hotpot Miso, and many more.Located at Harbourfront Centre along Maritime Square, Seoul Garden Hotpot provides a casual and friendly atmosphere. It is the perfect place to visit to satisfy your Korean food cravings where you can enjoy delectable dishes at affordable prices!MUST TRIES: Items to look forward to include Korean Stir-fried Seafood Glass Noodle, Beef Bulgogi Bap, Ginseng Chicken, Marinated Beef Kimchi HotPot, Seafood Miso HotPot, Personal Army Stew, and a lot more.


Daily: 11:30 - 22:30

1 Maritime Square, #02-03/04 Harbourfront Centre

Asian, Halal, Korean, Local, Singaporean

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