The White Depot

The White Depot

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The Great Vines Bar & Bistro’s theme is to combine wine tasting with food-pairing to be consumed in a light, cheery atmosphere. The concept is to offer over 30 rated premium wines and champagnes at very reasonable prices to be paired with a range of its signature fusion tapas.


Mon - Sun: 09:00 - 17:00

1 Changi Village Road

Mediterranean, Western

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Re: PEP processing time (personal employment pass)

Just wanted to share my experience in case anyone has any advice -

I'm looking at week #11 of PEP under processing. Thought I'd give it a couple more weeks, called MOM last week and got an expedition case number but my status still shows as " Pending"

Am currently employed at a senior role in a .....

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Re: How to lose weight?

No food (in isolation) can make you fat. It's eating more calories than you burn that will cause weight gain.

Posted in Beauty, Health & Fitness

Re: How to lose weight?

I've been drinking sugarcane everyday for the past 2 weeks and wondered - would sugarcane make you fat?

Posted in Beauty, Health & Fitness