The Crostini Bar

The Crostini Bar






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From innovative minds by owners ofBar Stories comes this tapas bar specializing in crostinis - petite size Italian-style toasts topped with a variety of ingredients. There's also entrees and desserts, as well as bespoke cocktails from the bar above which you can enjoy from 4:00 pm until late.


Mon - Fri: 16:00 - 23:00
Sat - Sun: 16:00 - 01:30

55 Haji Lane

European, Italian, Western

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Re: PR Approved 2023

Hi I wouldn't do that coz, as i said earlier its not the sole reason. I don't want to mislead anyone.


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Re: PR Approved 2023

Hi, Is it possible to share what kind of commercial property U bought?. I am interested in buying small scale commercial properties.

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HELP! Landlord Refuses to Return Deposit

Hi guys,

To provide some context, I am currently based and will still be based in Singapore moving forward. I have just ended a 4 years (split into 2 tenancy contracts due to renewals) residential tenancy in Singapore with my landlord, a Singaporean. It was rented out fully furnished

During the .....

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