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Chinatown Traditional Kitchen

Chinatown Traditional Kitchen

Chinatown Traditional Kitchen






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The eating house decors provide the reminiscence of the past kopitiam of the early Chinatown in the luxury of modern air conditioning.Apart from the freshly brewed hot coffee and tea, we serve the most traditional Singaporean home cooked dishes just like in the 60swhere our early immigrants came to settle in Chinatown of then Singapura. The wide varieties of simple dishes evolved from recipes of our grandmother’s era. The kitchen serves a buffet of various local dishes neatly displayed in warm servers during the lunch hours along with homebrewed chinese herbal drinks to beat the afternoon heat.Breakfast starts at 8am, lunch & dinner from 11am to 11pm.
We serve a menu of the freshly cooked local delicacies straight from our kitchen. Our Kitchen is well situated in the heart of Chinatown adjourning our co-owned ‘Backpackers Inn Chinatown’ and ‘Cow & Coolies karaoke bar’ bearing similar retrolicion.

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Daily: 08:00 - 00:00

28 Mosque Street

Asian, Chinese, Hokkien, Hong Kong, Thai

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