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Established in 2008 in Hawker Centre, Lao Huo Tang serves traditional Chinese soups that are gentle tonics made from fresh vegetables, lean meat or pork ribs and flavoured only by natural ingredients – making the soups naturally low fat, low calorie and low sodium. One distinguishing point about traditional Chinese soups are that oil, cream and butter are never used!Due to space constraint in the Hawker Centre, which limited our creativity in providing more traditional dishes, Lao Huo Tang ventured into the restaurant business in 2011 with the main objective of bringing more nourishing Cantonese style soups and home fashion cook food to its customers. Today, Lao Huo Tang Restaurants are well-known for its nourishing Cantonese-style soups and traditional home cook cuisines. With many customers that trusted our brand and quality of food at an affordable price, we will continue to create more nourishing soup at an affordable price and endeavour to bring more restaurants closer to all our customers.Popular dishes include, Lotus Root Peanut Soup, Chinese Old Cucumber Soup, Traditional Pig’s Tail Soup, Buddha Jump Over The Wall, Ginseng Herbal Chicken Soup, Herbal Black Chicken Soup with Dried Scallop, Coca-Cola Mid Joint Wing, Marmite Chicken, Home Cook Styled Sweet & Sour Pork, Pig Trotters with Vinegar, Stir Fried Har Lok Prawns and Sambal Kangkong with Cuttlefish. Lao Huo Tang is a family restaurant and all its restaurants are designed to ensure utmost comfort of the family dining experience.


Daily: 11:00 - 21:00

83 Punggol Central, #B1-22 Waterway Point

Asian, Cantonese, Chinese

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