Bee Heong Palace Restaurant 美香酒楼

Bee Heong Palace Restaurant

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The HungryGoWhere team is here to help you. Listed below are this eatery's available take-away and delivery options.

Bee Heong Palace Restaurant is offering delivery via the following options:

Bee Heong Palace Restaurant is offering take-away via the following options:
Phone:9821 3448
Bee Heong Palace Restaurant offers some of the best Asian cuisines in Singapore, serving a tantalising collection of dishes that are suitable for family gatherings, large groups, catching up with friends and colleagues. From Hokkien Noodles to Kong Ba Bao its extensive menu is reflective of the restaurant’s efforts to cater to every palate.This restaurant is located along Jalan Leban. Bee Heong Palace Restaurant has a great ambience that is suitable for families with children.MUST TRY: Indulge in their mouth-watering dishes such as Hokkien Mee, Braised Duck With Sea Cucumber, Pork Knuckle, Oyster Omelette and Sliced Fish.


Tue - Sun: 11:30 - 15:00
Tue - Sun: 18:00 - 22:30

4 Jalan Leban

Asian, Chinese, Fujian, Hokkien

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