Yhingthai Palace

Yhingthai Palace

Yhingthai Palace






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THE BUZZ: Yhingthai Palace offers some of the best Thai cuisine in Singapore, serving a tantalising collection of dishes that are suitable for family gatherings and large groups. From Kuay Teow Phad See Eu to Yam Nur Yang extensive menu is reflective of the restaurant’s efforts to cater to every palate.The restaurant is located along Purvis Street. Yhingthai Palace Restaurant has been Singapore’s premium purveyor of Thai and Thai Chinese cuisine since 1993.MUST TRY: Indulge in their mouth-watering dishes such as Khao Tang Nah Tang, Pla Kow Sam Rot, Tom Yam Talay Kati, Khao Phad Kra Pao and Khao Phad Nam Liap.


Daily: 11:30 - 14:00
Daily: 18:00 - 22:00

36 Purvis Street

Asian, Indochinese, Thai

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