Galley by the Straits

Galley by the Straits






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Galley by the Straits offers a wide variety of Chinese, Western, 'Live' Seafood, BBQ and local cuisine (no pork, no lard). A great place for lovers of good food and beautiful view - all in a rustic ambience! Enjoy life music performance over the weekends!


Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 22:30

43 Admiralty Road West

Asian, Chinese, Seafood, Western

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Carpet or not

Need some advice here, probably from those with experience with carpets. I am thinking of throwing away my old carpet because it's rather dirty, just considering is it worthwhile to get a new one? I find it's quite troublesome to vacuum and over time, it just feels old. But one thing I like .....

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I recently topped up my SRS with my own out-of-pocket cash, for the first time ever. Prior to this it has only been company contributions.

Reasons for doing so?

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^ there are a few guys in my condo who drive trophy cars but the owners are very down to earth and friendly. So it really depends.

Agree, there are always exceptions. I knew an aussie expat in my condo who drove a brand new .....

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