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Re: PAP vs WP. WP now hold 10 seats.

Would have been more interesting if West Coast and East Coast won.

Posted in General Discussions

500,000 Hong Kongers cast protest against new security laws

Admire the Hong Kongers for their unity and fight for democracy.

Posted in Latest News & Current Affairs

Re: look for a direct transfer maid to take care infant

My kid got citizen

Your kid isn't hiring the maid

Lol, curious though how the kid is a .....

Posted in Domestic Helper & Babysitter Issues

Re: Landlord getting over the line

Thanks sndy.

I mean there is still more than half a year till the tenancy end. I mean I don't want any trouble but he is screaming and shouting on and off as if he is fighting someone even like just now.

I don't even dare to ask what happen, worrying that I am the one who will be hit.

Should I .....

Posted in Property Talk, Housing & Rental

Ltvp application during covid

Hi all,

Just wanna ask if anyone has successfully applied and gotten their ltvp during this period?

My fiance (prc) and I (sc) were planning to rom this Sept and apply Ltvp after that. We have already gotten the LLE in Oct 2019, but we are not sure with the current situation and given that she .....

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners