Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant (Keck Seng Tower)

Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant (Keck Seng Tower)






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THE BUZZ:Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant offers some of the best Nyonya and Peranakan cuisines in Singapore, serving a tantalising collection of dishes that are suitable for casual dining and group gatherings. It presents a wide selection of dishes such as soup, nasi & noodles, chicken, prawn, vegetables, and more, so there is something for everyone on the menu.

Located at Keck Seng Tower, Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant provides a casual and friendly atmosphere to make one’s dining experience relaxed and truly memorable. It is the perfect place where diners can enjoy the original taste of an Authentic Peranakan cuisine at very reasonable prices.

MUST TRY:Items to look forward to include Ayam Buah Keluak, Ayam Curry, Udang Sambal, Sambal Tau Hoo, Nasi Goreng, Sotong Sambal, Otak Otak, and a lot more.


133 Cecil Street, #B1-01 Keck Seng Tower

Asian, Nonya / Peranakan

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