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Re: Dempsey Hill

Are we talking about Minden? It's mostly entertainment now sadly.

Posted in Entertainment, Leisure & Sports

Re: Eagles Landing at Muddy's - Oct 25th 2019 - by request of SMS

Looking forward to this.

Posted in General Discussions

Re: High risk pregnancy. Need Obstetrician recommendation pls!

Hi ! Did u find a good doctor ? I would love to know ! Have read a lot of good things about dr Anne Hagerty

Posted in Moms-to-be & Moms Group

Re: Hong Kong protest: How do Hong Kongers lead their daily lives?

But you'll be a whole lot busier if the protesters find out the bs that's being posted by moderators here.

Is that a threat? Sure sounds like a veiled one to me.

Posted in General Discussions

Re: Varicose Veins

Hello Friends, My mother who is 52yrs old, she has got Varicose veins, it's still moderate. She consulted a doctor in India and he has prescribed some vitamin tablets and socks stocking, she is taking that since last 1 month, but the results are not yet visible. She is in Singapore now and I was .....

Posted in Aesthetic Enhancement & Cosmetic Surgery