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    Re: New in Town

    Friday Night Drinking Club!

    I didn't like the crowd, so walked through one time only. Never again.

    I .....

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    Re: How to clean marble floors

    Good evening! A couple of months ago my friends and I celebrated my sister's birthday at the country house . It was more like a villa than an ordinary house. Almost everything was made of marble, especially the floors and countertops in the kitchen. A friend spilled wine on the marble and didn't .....

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    Re: PR approval chance in 2020

    Wanna apply PR under SC spouse sponsor

    Age: 26
    Race: Chinese
    Nationality: China
    Gender: Male
    Marital Status: Married
    Education: Diploma in Management and Economics
    Industry: Manufacturing
    Position: Compounder
    Annual basic: .....

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