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Mapo Doufu Restaurant

Asian, Chinese, Sichuan

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Re: Mass exodus

I had the same thought when I read the above, NTUC is def not cheap, many neighborhood uncles lament to me about this, and also complained how puny the senior discount was… they said it was insulting, not worth bothering with, they even told me they would rather throw those few cents back at NTUC .....

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Re: Mass exodus

clean, hawker food is cheap, ntuc is cheap
Car, housing and no greenery

Lucky Msia is open!

NTUC is cheap? For which products? And comparing to which country? :o

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Re: Landlord is telling to vacate within short period of moving in: taking advantage of medical condition

If the TA says you can use the stting room and you're listed as an occupant with HDB just threaten to call the police. Tell them you are in fear for your safety due to the .....

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