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    Re: Vietnam wife PR chance

    Here is my Vietnamese wife status. As a Singaporean born and raised, I am a true blue citizen.

    First LTVP application: 1 year LTVP
    First LTVP renewal: 3 years LTVP plus

    The first application was rejected after 7 months, the appeal .....

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    Re: Population in Brief 2023

    Actually, among other things, there are plenty of Chinese schools in Malaysia where the medium of instruction is Mandarin. My wife is from one such school. As are many Malaysian Chinese you see in Singapore. This includes many who are .....

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    Re: Population in Brief 2023

    This is a bit off topic, but I just came to know that in Malaysia, their entire education is in Malay language. My Malaysian chinese colleague who has now turned into a Singaporean told me, she did her primary education in Chinese language .....

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