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Singapore Expats has consolidated many useful articles from our editorial team and the Singapore Expats Forum, all of which are very informative and interesting for expatriates and any visitors.

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Useful Articles

27 Sep 2018 - How to Find New Friends in a New Country

Moving to a new city can be a scary experience. You leave your friends and family behind for a new job, you travel too many kilometres to count to...

13 Sep 2018 - Five things you should know before becoming a parent

Those who have been trying for a child would be understandably ecstatic after learning that a child has been successfully conceived, while others...

01 Sep 2018 - Making the Most of Your Singapore Experience

Moving to Singapore, whether permanently or for some brief part of your life, can be an amazing experience that can enrich you in multiple ways....

02 Aug 2018 - Keeping Your Family Safe from Mosquitoes

Ever since the first case of Zika broke out in Singapore, the threat posed by mosquitoes has never seemed quite as daunting. Dengue had seemed bad...

26 Jul 2018 - Living as an International Student in Singapore - The Frugal Way

Singapore is an incredible city. Metropolitan and vibrant, people from all around the world try to make it their home. Situated in South-East Asia,...

09 Jul 2018 - 5 Best Ways to Send Money to Singapore

Knowing what are the recommended ways to send money to Singapore is always going to be a good thing to know. This info becomes even more important,...

06 Jul 2018 - Moving Into Your First Home

After living in the family home for all your life, saving every penny, and finding that starter apartment or house that suits your needs,...

28 Jun 2018 - How to Import American Items When Moving to Singapore

Moving to Singapore from America is going to be an exciting, yet possibly daunting time and you will need to figure out how to relocate your...

19 Jun 2018 - Five Things You Can Do To Get A Truly Fresh Start As An Expat

Life as a newly-settled expat has never been easy, especially for those seeking an entirely new start. Among worries about the location...

14 Jun 2018 - Should I homeschool my child in Singapore?

Undaunted by the prospect of being solely responsible for the education of the child, several brave parents in Singapore are known widely in the...

30 May 2018 - Teething Babies: What to Expect

Ever sensitive to the moods of their little ones, many new mothers are baffled and distressed when their babies turn unexplainably cranky once they...

19 May 2018 - Holiday Options for Ex-Pats

When you move to a stunning location like Singapore, you probably feel like you’re on a permanent vacation! Living in a new country is a...

17 May 2018 - Ordering Kopi in Singapore

Despite the country’s British colonial roots and the Chinese population majority, coffee is the drink of choice for many here in Singapore...

11 May 2018 - Trailing Spouse: what to do if you can’t work while abroad?

Is your partner working abroad but visa limitations mean you can’t? We have some practical solutions if you can’t work while living as...

05 May 2018 - 5 Rainy Day Activities For Families With Teenagers

When you have teenage children, it can be difficult to find ways of spending time with them even on sunny days, but when the rain starts to fall,...

02 May 2018 - Why Singapore Is the Perfect Alternative to Europe

If you’re getting bored of the same green landscape and unpredictable weather that comes with places such as England, Wales and Ireland or...

26 Apr 2018 - Buying Public Housing Property with CPF

So now that we know roughly what the CPF is, and how we might withdraw the money during our retirement years, some of us might wonder if there...

11 Apr 2018 - Why does my child lie to me?

We’ve all watched that hilarious video of a two year old blaming Batman for the pink squiggles on his mother’s mirror, and it’s...

28 Mar 2018 - Public Transportation in Singapore (Taxi)

In Singapore where many locals have made it into a lifelong game to source for all that is cheap and good, there is one thing that almost never...

16 Mar 2018 - The School of the Future: Achieving the Highest Academic Results with the Speed Learning Approach

Comfort and pleasure or the beauty of witty ideas and the blessing of creativity, what is more important? That is not the question for thoughtful...


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Re: If you are here for money, when will you stop?

Re: If you are here for money, when will you stop?

To add to WD40's topic I'd say a bit factor in when you leave is around your marriage or partnership. I've seen people leave early for that (one of our better members Hanniroo for one). A broken or struggling marriage here is no fun.

Posted in General Discussions

Re: looking for guitar tuition

Re: looking for guitar tuition

Hi, have u found yr guitar tuition. If u have not, I can find for u from Trust agency.


Posted in Parenting, Family & Schools

Re: Time between IPA to Travel Approval (EP GRANT)

Re: Time between IPA to Travel Approval (EP GRANT)

Well Smoulder, unfortunately from India, there are limited flights and only people I know, who successfully managed to get entry approval, are nurses and healthcare staff. But then, I know a very small sample.

Let's hope I get an immigration approval soon after IPA, I would hate to sit jobless .....

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Company Director and tax residence

Re: Company Director and tax residence

As long as you have a permanent residence in Singapore, you can travel all you want. You're still resident for tax purposes. The EP, as PNGMK noted, confirms this.

Posted in Business in Singapore

Re: Flight to US

Re: Flight to US

Depends on your destination in US. Probably United or Qatar

Posted in Business in Singapore