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Singapore Expats has consolidated many useful articles from our editorial team and the Singapore Expats Forum, all of which are very informative and interesting for expatriates and any visitors.

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Useful Articles

11 Apr 2018 - Why does my child lie to me?

We’ve all watched that hilarious video of a two year old blaming Batman for the pink squiggles on his mother’s mirror, and it’s...

28 Mar 2018 - Public Transportation in Singapore (Taxi)

In Singapore where many locals have made it into a lifelong game to source for all that is cheap and good, there is one thing that almost never...

16 Mar 2018 - The School of the Future: Achieving the Highest Academic Results with the Speed Learning Approach

Comfort and pleasure or the beauty of witty ideas and the blessing of creativity, what is more important? That is not the question for thoughtful...

14 Mar 2018 - 4 Terrifying Asian Ghosts

Many Asian horror films have a way of getting under the skin that’s unmatched by their Western counterparts. Ju-On made us afraid of our...

07 Mar 2018 - Why do they love me? Avoiding mosquitoes in Singapore

Zika, malaria, dengue… All around you, these dreadful diseases seem to buzz in the air even as you frantically swat at a mosquito. The odds...

01 Mar 2018 - Talking about negative emotions and behaviours

Negative feelings are difficult for all of us to cope with. However, they may be especially true for children who may not know the best ways to...

15 Feb 2018 - Eight Must-Try Chinese New Year Goodies

As the fifteen-day celebration of the Lunar New Year looms close, festive goodies are beginning to pile up in the average Chinese home till the...

06 Feb 2018 - A Guide To The Most Accessible Attractions In Singapore

Singapore capitalises on its melting pot of cultures, and as a result of this, many expats have relocated to the city in order to enjoy what is...

02 Feb 2018 - Five Lunar New Year Traditions

In Singapore, where the population remains predominantly Chinese, the Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival in China, is easily one of...

27 Jan 2018 - New Case of Zika: All you need to know about Zika

What about it and should I be concerned? What is Zika? Prior to making headlines in Singapore in 2016, Zika was but a faraway threat which made...

24 Jan 2018 - Introduction to Homeschooling in Singapore

In sitcoms centred around high school life, stock characters such as the obnoxious jock, the popular queen bee, and the nerdy science student have...

17 Jan 2018 - Water Sports in Singapore

On this sun bleached island, nearly every day is a perfect day to head down to the beach. Home to 26 different swimming complexes, not counting the...

12 Jan 2018 - Should You Consider Relocating To Singapore From America?

There’s no denying that the USA is a spectacular country – there’s no end to entertainment, the economy is constantly thriving,...

11 Jan 2018 - Getting the Best Deal on your Taxi Ride

The cost of taking a taxi in Singapore is still widely considered to be reasonable and lower than that in other first-world countries. In spite of...

04 Jan 2018 - Savouring Singapore: 5 Elusive Singapore Food to Try

Good food, exotic cuisine and innovative gastronomic experiences aren't hard to find in food paradise Singapore, but when it comes to authentic...

28 Dec 2017 - Getting Ready for the First Day of School

It’s a bittersweet experience when we see our children put on their school uniforms for the first time and get ready to go to school. Once we...

20 Dec 2017 - Public Transportation in Singapore (Bus)

While we love the excitement and convenience of living in a major metropolis, it’s undeniable that city life comes with certain costs:...

07 Dec 2017 - Top Tips For Moving Abroad And Finding Work

Moving abroad to work is something many of us have probably considered at some point in our lives, however briefly. While a large majority of us...

05 Dec 2017 - Best 5 External Waterproofing Solutions

To reduce the cost of maintaining a warm home in the rainy months, there’s a whole range of things you can do, not least waterproofing...

24 Nov 2017 - Organising a Garage Sale

Environmental concerns are one of the most pressing issues these days, with global warming leading to a dramatic change in our planet. A small...


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Re: EP Processing Time in Dec 2020/ Jan 2021

Re: EP Processing Time in Dec 2020/ Jan 2021

Got my EP visa approved.
Can anyone let me know how long does it take to get the DP approved?


Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: EP Processing Time in Dec 2020/ Jan 2021

Re: EP Processing Time in Dec 2020/ Jan 2021

My entry permit approved today. My company applied on 21Jan approved on 25Jan. I booked my flight ticket on 7Feb and get ready for quarantine.

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: SC Approved

Re: SC Approved

Just curious, do you still have the SC Journey under the current circumstances?

Yes, there is still SC Journey but it is all done online at the SC Journey portal.


Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Hardware store?

Re: Hardware store?

Another vendor that might be useful is Raptor Supplies . Looks like they offer delivery of Grainger part numbers other US industrial parts to Singapore.

Posted in General Discussions

Know about the Best Plastic Surgery in India

Know about the Best Plastic Surgery in India

Plastic surgery deals with the reconstruction, repair, or replacement of any physical defect of form or functioning of the skin. Plastic surgery deals with the musculoskeletal system, craniomaxillofacial structures, hand, extremities, breast and trunk, external genitalia, or cosmetic enhancement of .....

Posted in Aesthetic Enhancement & Cosmetic Surgery